Unicycle Basketball: A great way to start the new year


Jeff Smuin take a shot while playing basketball on his unicycle.

I met Jeff Smuin while walking through the park today.  We chatted for a minute and I learned some things that inspired me:

  • Jeff loves to play basketball on his unicycle.
  • Playing basketball on a unicycle is really hard.
  • Jeff shoveled the basketball course to be able to shoot around.
  • None of his unicycle friends play basketball because it is too cold.
  • Jeff plays basketball for a couple of hours each day.

I thought that a lot of what he does applies to photography quite well:

  • Find things that you love to photograph.
  • Photograph things that challenge you.
  • Find ways to make the things you love happen.
  • Do what you love, even if sometimes you do it alone.
  • Spend quality time doing what you love.

Thanks Jeff for some great inspiration to start the new year.

I’d love to hear what inspires all of you?

-Steve Walters


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