In Search of Style

I have been thinking a lot about my photographic style of late.  Unfortunately, coming from photojournalist background, I never really tried to develop a set style.  So to start, I gathered photos that I took and organized them into different styles.   When hiring a photographer, what style do you look for?  Let me know which of these is your favorite in the survey below or any comments you may have about photographic style in general.  Thanks for your time and help.

1. Moody (High contrast, slight desaturation)

2. Using natural light:

3. Outdoors:

4. Against a White background.

5. Black and White.

6. Using color

7. Using studio lighting


10 Responses to “In Search of Style”

  1. leo sperry says:

    nice work steve.

  2. Colette menlove says:

    Very hard choice. There was several picture in other styles that I loved as well. You are versatile enough to do different styles. That is something I look for.

  3. Natalie Levie says:

    Hard to decide – I had to pick a couple since my preference changes depending on the subject matter and purpose of the shoot! You do them all beautifully!

  4. Lindsay says:

    My favorites are outdoor, natural light and studio light.
    I agree that it’s hard to choose just one–it depends on the situation. I think that having a couple of specific styles from which to choose will help the person/family you are working with to give you a clear idea of expectations.
    You do great work.

  5. Dustin says:

    Your unique use and manipulation of light seems to be a theme in all of these “styles”. You have an eye for how light reflects and refracts off of skin tone, hair color and sheen, facial bone structure, etc. You use perspective in creative ways. Another theme that encompasses all of these styles is your obvious effort to capture something of each subject’s personality in the picture – not just in the creative use of objects or settings, but in the look on the face and the emotion in they eyes.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Maybe it is just a style thing, but I love “against a white background”, outdoors, and the color background. I think I marked black and white as my favorite, but I ment the white background one.

    Awesome work steve!! What to do a shoot for you sometime if you ever need models! hope all is well!

  7. Chenae says:

    love love love the natural light. you are seriously talented to pull off all of these styles. your the bomb steve. studio light is my least favorite.

  8. Coral says:

    I think they are all great and different occasions call for different styles…tough choice. I’m not a huge fan of studio, I’m more of a natural light/outdoors person. But would you be able to put them in a portfolio in the different categories so the client could choose? I frequently ask people what style they want and many times they have no idea. It’s hard for me to create a product for them when I don’t know there tastes and they don’t know the choices.

    I love your work.

  9. j.r. mclaughlin says:

    I’m a big fan of color but they all look REALLY good man.

  10. Tabtitha says:

    Steve, these are amazing! I am afraid that I really could not choose, so I marked the ones that I liked the most, but that turned out to be most of them. I agree with people above, that it really depends alot on the situation and the personalities of the people in the shots!

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